Internationale externe Termine

12. -15.9.2019

Ralley Charlemagne in Rotterdam



International Inner Wheel CONVENTIONS seit 1970

1st Convention 1970 The Hague, The Netherlands 2nd Convention 1973 Copenhagen, Denmark 3rd Convention 1976 Sydney, Australia 4th Convention 1979 Brighton, England 5th Convention 1982 Paris, France 6th Convention 1985 Orlando, Florida USA 7th Convention 1988 Stavanger, Norway 8th Convention 1991 The Hague, The Netherlands 9th Convention 1993 Sydney, Australia 10th Convention 1997 Berlin, Germany 11th Convention 2000 Stockholm, Sweden 12th Convention 2003 Florence, Italy 13th Convention 2006 Christchurch, New Zealand 14th Convention 2009 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia 15th Convention 2012 Istanbul, Turkey 16th Convention 2015 Copenhagen, Denmark , 17th Convention 2018 Melbourne Australien, 18th Convention 2021 Jaipur Indien.